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Various - Do You Feel The Bass? EP

by Nerg


  1. Jun 29,  · I've noticed that music with a loud repeating bass makes me feel sick. My family thinks I'm crazy but it really doesn't make me feel good. The music itself is great as long as the bass is turned off. I dont know what's wrong with me because other people don't seem to have this problem. I noticed this while listening to woo hoo song and others on the latest Christina agularia cd. So I tried.
  2. The question as to why you notice loud bass and not higher pitches, I'm not totally sure. It could be that humans are more sensitive to higher pitches, so to percieve very low sounds at a similar volume actually requires a more powerful sound wave. It might also have to do with your ability to feel the movement.
  3. Jun 07,  · Now think about something vibrating fast and something vibrating slow. Wich one do you feel more? Probably the one that vibrates slow. That same thing applies to soundwaves. Slow, low (bass) soundwaves make stuff vibrate slow and fast, high (treble) soundwaves make things vibrate quickly, and you can barely feel it, if at all.
  4. Feb 12,  · Why did Eddie Murphy feel the need to address himself as black among whites, and use the race card when hosting SNL? I CANT FIND THE NAME OF THIS UK TV CHRISTMAS COMEDY, CAN YOU HELP? Cosby show Fresh Prince Martin Different world which tv show was better?
  5. Aug 15,  · There is a shared human response to deep, rumbling sounds that echoes back through the ages to a group of ancestors beating a sacred drum around a fire. But in our collective human memory, our relationship with bass sounds is imprinted on our psyc.
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  7. Do You Remember - Joy Corporation With Serum. Watch Now. Deep House Bass With Sylenth. Watch Now. Baby I Got It - Matt Hughes Bass With Serum. Watch Now. Don't Kill My Vibe - Vintage Culture Bass With Sylenth. Watch Now. Ni Massive Deep House Bass. Watch Now. Alok We Are Underground Bass With Sylenth. Watch Now. Croatia Squad Style Bass With.

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